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Lst Last Hours

for Joomla! 1.5, 2.5, 3.0

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Last 3 Hours
Module v1.1.0
What I'm doing ?
2016 november 30 - We are preparing the new webcam to replace the broken one.
NEW! Plugin for refresh of images - Webcam Image Refresh. Read here and download for Joomla 1.5, for Joomla 2.5 or for Joomla 3.2 !
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LastHours Module

The "Lst_lasthours" module for Joomla! 1.5 is a simple extension of Lst_ipcams component

(and not for it only, how we will explan in a new article) with which is possibleto show e simulation of the ipcam image snapshots, already sent to your site using ftp protocol.

It's enough to set the ipcam ID, the images folder, the frame width, the simulation time and time interval between frames.module-in-action-2
1. title and simulation time; 2. subtitle; 3. frame of images; 4. elapsed time bar; 5. image time - actual frame number / total frames number


Let's explain shortly module settings / preferences.

The module params: ipcamId, images folder, image width, simulation time, simulation speed

To make module working, you have to write correctly the settings.

Ipcam Id

To begin, you have to write the ipcam id that is the beginning of the image filename, or the character string before the date-time.
Now we use for example three files saved by the ipcam at an interval of five minutes:


as ipcam id it's possible to use "myipcam" or "ipcam" or also "myip" but not "2011" because it is part of the snapshot date-time.

Images folder

You have to write the path of the folder where are your ipcam images. Path is relative to the site root and has to be without starting or ending \ or / characters.
Theese are some path examples:



Image width

This is the width of the simulation frame in pixels. The height is calculated directly by the browser in relation to the width.

Simulation time

Is the time period before last registered ipcam image, in minutes. Value will be automatically converted - eventually rounded - in hours.
For example, the value 180 will show 3 hours so, if last snapshot image was saved at 10 o'clock, in the simulation will be showed images from 7 to 10 o'clock.

Simulation speed

Is the time in seconds elapsed between display of actual and the next image (or between two consecutive frames).
Because images used by the simulation are preloaded by browser with their original size, independent from the frame width, it's better to not use values minor of 1 (one second).

Colors: last x hours

Here it's possible to set title color (for example "last 3 hours") to adapt title to your site modules colors.

Module elements


1) Title text is fixed except for the hours indicating the simulation time as set in the module preferences. There, time is indicated in minutes and then calculated - eventually rounded - in hours.

2) Subtitle,  contrary to what previously indicated, in this beta version too, is modifiable in the module preferences.

3) Frame width ca be adjusted, while height is automatically recalculated by browser related to frame width.

4) Time bar shows time elapsed, frame by frame.

5) Below the time bar are shown: time of the current frame, the current frame number and the total number of frames of the entire simulation.




All webcam images taken using a Foscam ipcam model FI8905W gently furnished by
"Your Security Partner"

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