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Module v1.1.0
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2016 november 30 - We are preparing the new webcam to replace the broken one.
NEW! Plugin for refresh of images - Webcam Image Refresh. Read here and download for Joomla 1.5, for Joomla 2.5 or for Joomla 3.2 !
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IP-Cam Single Version - Features

These are the main features of the Single Version component:

  • Outer border around the image to show main IP-cam data with custom background color (default is black).
  • Date and time of the snapshot printed on the top outer image border with custom font-size and color.
  • Custom short IPcam description with modifiable font color (on outer top border).
  • Other two custom strings can be printed on the bottom of the image canvas, one to the left and one to the right. Text, font size and font color are modifiable.

Detailed operation description is present in a separate article (see menu on the left). Here instead, is presented only the basic operation.

The "IPCam Single Version" component show always the last image uploaded in the folder on the server chosen in yor IPCam software settings.

When images are uploaded at regular time intervals, a little green circle represent a regular operation. Inside the green circle, a number show the time in minutes elapsed between the last and previous uploaded images. That time represent, with sufficient precision, the IPCam upload image frequence.

If time elapsed between the last and previous images is greater than the time indicated by the component settings, in the center of the last snapshot appears a custom string with custom font-color which, by default (IP-cam in manutenzione), represent a malfunction or that the IPCam is switched off or, for any reason, out of order.

IPCams Component Live Sample
Real image updated at regular time interval (see green circle if present).

New! Using our plugin "webcam image refresh" it is now possible to refresh the image with a time interval defined by the user without having to reload the page manually .


All webcam images taken using a Foscam ipcam model FI8905W gently furnished by
"Your Security Partner"

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